So…I’m going to start slow here…hi!

It’s hard to pick back up after such a long blogging break. I’ll start by sharing some pictures of our recent “Girls’ Trip” to Nashville for my dear friend Rebecca’s wedding. While the boys were off at the annual Cub Scout camping weekend, My Mom, Maeve, and I flew to Nashville and enjoyed a leisurely weekend of celebrating and relaxing. We had such a great time!


Becs and I go waaay back to undergrad days at UNC. We spent three amazing, memorable summers working together at Camp Thunderbird, traveled to England and Scotland together, and worked many hours together at the once-upon-a-time Coffee Mill Roastery on Franklin St. About 92.3% of my college memories involve Rebecca: Becs and I were pretty much the best co-counselor duo ever to rock Lake Wylie (C-24 4-EVA); Becs and I jumped off of a bridge together at midnight (multiple times); Becs insisted that we go out to celebrate my 21st birthday, even though I had an exam the next day and was “too busy” to do anything fun; Becs used to turn the air conditioning on full blast in the car so that I wouldn’t fall asleep on her during long drives over camp session breaks; Becs introduced me to the UK and taught me how to drink tea and eat finger biscuits and write with a fountain pen and eat something weird called Weetabix. Becs cannot freaking stand it if you chew gum around her, so just don’t, okay? Becs is responsible for about 92.3% of the children’s books that we have in our house, thanks to her career in community relations for professional sports teams (she gets lots of freebies to give away). Becs makes any and every situation fun, is probably the most generous person I’ve ever met, is an African-American (you’ll have to ask her for the whole story but it’s true), has an unquenchable thirst for adventure, wore glitter Toms shoes with her bridal gown, and is just a genuine, all-around, class-A type of individual. I am so lucky to be her friend.

They Did It!

Let Him Eat Cake

Rebecca has been one of our most faithful blog supporters over these years, so I felt that it was only right and proper to blog about their wedding. Rebecca was an absolutely gorgeous bride and her wedding was such a pleasure to attend. The event was held outside in the gardens of a historic house set right in the middle of the Nashville Zoo. How fun! I especially enjoyed getting to hang out at Chez King on Friday night and getting to see the duo together in their natural element — they have a *beautiful* home.

Maeve let out her inner party-girl at their wedding and spent most of the time running around in breathless circles “dancing.” It actually looked less like “dancing” and more like I had “let my baby get into the wine.” My mom was a rockstar over the weekend — she really was there with us, even though she won’t let me post pictures of her online. (But that doesn’t mean that you can’t email me and ask me to forward you many, many photos of Gigi!!! Bwahahaha!)

Running Girl

19 Months

Dancing Queen

Anyway, I am so happy that Rebecca and Eric have found each other. The adventurous pair is about to depart for an extended honeymoon on Mt. Kilimanjaro, after (natch, obviously, duh) first stopping to work in a Kenyan orphanage for a few days. Yeah, I’m not kidding. They also raised funds to provide teachers and supplies for the orphanage that they are going to visit through a program called Flying Kites. This is all so typical Rebecca. I love it.

Congrats, you two!

(Entire photoset found here.)