A few weeks ago, my Dad bought us that documentary/long commercial about Justin Bieber called “Never Say Never.” I had heard from a friend that it was actually pretty heartwarming, and she was right — I was pleasantly surprised! The kids watched it a couple of times on our recent road trip back and forth to my parents’ house, and they’ve been humming the songs around the house since then. It’s been cute. We call Harper “Harper Bieber” and he screams and pretends to hate it, but you can tell that he really doesn’t.

And then, today, we were in the grocery store checkout line when Maeve (who is still only 1 yr old, mind you) cocked her head to one side, pointed up at the ceiling, and said, with wide eyes, “That’s Justin Bieber!” We realized that yes, it was a Justin Bieber song playing, and not even one of the most popular ones. The checkout lady looked at Maeve in surprise and said, “How old are you?,” and Maeve slowly held up her one little pointer finger in front of her face. The woman said, “Wow! You’re a smart girl.” And we were all like: DUH.